QuBit Conference PRAGUE 2020

Min. čtení

The Cybersecurity Community Event in Prague, Czech Republic

QuBit is a Cybersecurity Community Event connecting the East and West and it is already the 7th year on the cybersecurity market in CEE region. QuBit audience presented more than 250+ cyber professionals from the various industries from the CEE region and other countries.
Every year, QuBit Speaking Bureau handles the most important part – to find and put together an impressive list of speakers and topics. For 2020, the head of the Speaking Bureau is Ivan Makatura (CEO of Slovak Cyber Security Competence and Certification Centre). The next members of the Speaking Bureau are Roman Cupka, Mike Goedeker and Etay Maor.

Seventh annual cyber community conference offers its delegates as usual excellent speakers representing organizations such as FBI, CIA, LIFARS, Flowmon Networks, Citadelo, Raiffeisen Bank International, Tatra banka and many more, leading edge topics such as Ransomware, Malware, Botnets, Risk management, SIEM, AI, Machine learning and even more, keynotes, case studies, panel discussions and popular networking events.

April 22-23 are two full days, where conference is running in two parallel tracks. QuBit sessions are strictly educational, with no marketing presentation as QuBit listens to its audience and offer only quality and valuable presentations and partners who are helping to improve current state of environment. Here is a little sneak peek from 2020 Agenda:
  • Case study – Ransomware remediation (Ladislav Baco & Lukas Hlavicka, LIFARS)
  • Why Cyber Risk Intelligence Matters (Mike Goedeker, Hakdefnet International)
  • CASE STUDY TECH: Dissecting and Comparing differents Binaries to Malware Analysis (Filipi Pires, Hacker Security)
  • EXECUTIVE DILEMMAS: Risk management & governance (Kritika Kotnala, CIA)
  • Closing Keynote (FBI agent)

Cybersecurity space is constantly changing, but one thing remaining constant – the threat of cyberattacks. The only way to defend against the threats we are facing is to share knowledge and to spread information. And that is what QuBit conference is all about. It is event gathering some of the brightest mind in the field, who are sharing their expertise, experience and knowledge.

For any questions, please contact QuBit Team at [email protected]

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